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Miss Phenix City is an official Miss Alabama America preliminary. As a local preliminary in the Miss America organization, Miss Phenix City is a part of the largest scholarship resource for young women in the world. In order for young ladies to compete in the Miss Alabama America state program, they must hold a preliminary title. Miss Phenix City is a title that serves as a ticket to Miss Alabama. Also, Miss Phenix City is a face and servant in the community. It is a requirement of the Miss America organization for each state and local contestant to be actively involved in community service—with an issue important to them and with the national platform of the Children’s Miracle Network that has been adopted by Miss America.

It takes hard work from volunteers for the Miss Phenix City Scholarship program to exist. We are a non-profit organization; so, each year, the volunteers have to raise money for every aspect involved in producing Miss Phenix City—from providing scholarships to the winner and alternates to putting on the production.